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Success Stories

"One of the newest figures to emerge on the world stage in recent years is the social entrepreneur.  This is usually someone who burns with desire to make a positive social impact on the world, but believes that the best way of doing it is, as the saying goes, not by giving poor people a fish and feeding them for a day, but by teaching them to fish, in the hopes of feeding them for a lifetime.  I have come to know several social entrepreneurs in recent years, and most combine a school brain with a social worker's heart.  The triple convergence and the flattening of the world have been a godsend to them.  Those who get it are adapting to it and have begun launching some very innovative projects."


- Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century


The Northern Human Services Partnership has had the pleasure to be part of the following successes over the past years.  It is with, and through, our members that we have been able to have an effect on these initatives and for that, we express our gratitude to them. 


Our successes include, but are not limited to:


  • Developed and launched of KidsFirst which highlights provincial focus and committment to early childhood;

  • Secured funding for Project Hope which focuses on youth addiction;

  • Facilitated the disemmination of nearly $2 million dollars of grant funding across Northern Saskatchewan for the Community Initiatives Fund, the Student Summer Works Program and the Child Nutrition and Development Program, amongst others;

  • Developed the Northern Suicide Prevention Resource;

  • Developed the Northern Housing Discussion Paper and the Vulnerable Populations Issues Paper;

  • Developed the Northern Early Years Coalition;

    • Delivered Early Childhood Brain Development Workshops in 9 Northern Communities

    • Developed and Launched the Northern Saskatchewan Children's Charter

  • Piloted a Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime - Community Mobilization Initiative in the Lac La Ronge Region; and,

  • Secured funding and launched the Sandy Bay Family Resource Centre (Breaking Trails Family Place).


Collaboration isn't easy.

We're here to help.

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