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The Northern Human Services Partnership membership is focused on human services and open to all provincial government ministries and secretariats; all federal government human service departments and secretariats; First Nations agencies; non-government agencies and community based-organizations (CBOs) with a mandate focused on the delivery of human services on either a north-wide or regional basis within the Northern Administration District (NAD).


The NHSP would like to express its gratitutde to each committee member for their time, committment and effort in the interagency work of the NHSP.  The progress we make is a direct result of our efforts towards interagency work and service integration.


The Executive of the Northern Human Services Partnership is comprised of the following agencies/organizations:


  • Children North - Early Childhood Intervention Program, Cognitive Disability Strategy, Family Support Program

  • Creighton School Division

  • Keewatin Career Development Corporation

  • Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority

  • KidsFirst North

  • Kikinahk Friendship Centre

  • Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Education - Early Years Branch

  • Ministry of Government Relations

  • Ministry of Government Relations - Northern Engagement

  • Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

  • Ministry of Justice - Community Corrections

  • Ministry of Social Services

  • Northern Healthy Communities Partnership

  • Northern Intertribal Health Authority

  • Northern Lights School Division

  • Northern Sport, Culture and Rectreation District

  • NorthSask Victim Services

  • Population Health Unit


We welcome all those agencies interested in becoming

members to contact the NHSP Coordinator for additional

information.  We have a full orientation package available

upon request.  If interested, please forward your request

and mailing address to our Coordinator.






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